Hi my name is Evan Nishi, a self taught programmer, community leader, and avid learner. I have demonstrated a strong work ethic, a passion for learning, high adaptability, a knack for problem solving, and accountability while on projects. I mainly do web development, but also some machine learning on the side.


Some of my most defining and impactful work is organizing events to educate others about computer science. I always organize events with the "Hackers First" mentality, meaning attendees experience is the most important. I also love meeting new people and sharpening my skills at hackathons and other similar events.

Events I've attended:

  • Hack Merced, attendee, won beginner prize
  • Los Altos Hacks, attendee, won best android app
  • LingHacks 2019, attendee
  • Launch Hacks 2019, attendee
  • Hack Club Flagship summit, attendee
  • Hack Club Leaders week summit, attendee
  • Github secure development spotlight, invitee
  • UC Berkeley aging research and technology summit, attendee

Events I've organized/mentored:

  • CDBA Spring 2019, outreach organizer
  • AngelHacks, advisor/workshop leader
  • CDBA Fall 2019, sponsorships organizer
  • Atoms&Bits, advisor/workshop leader
  • Hack The New Year, mentor
  • CDBA Winter 2020, sponsorships organizer


  • Las Lomas High School
  • Student, 2018-2022
    Currently a student at Las Lomas High School, Current GPA:4.0, WGPA: 4.13

  • Diablo Valley College
  • Student, 2018-2022
    Currently enrolled in Diablo Valley College and working towards my AA degree in computer science. Current GPA: 4.0

  • Las Lomas Hack Club
  • Founder and President, 03/2019-present
    Organize, and founded a small Hack Club at my high school with ~5-10 regular members.

  • TrantonLLC
  • Contract backend web developer, 01/2020-02/2020
    Was a paid contract developer for TrantonLLC. Worked mainly with discord.js and express.

  • Monument Crisis
  • Math tutor, 09/2018-01/2020
    Was a math and english tutor who helped underprivileged kids study and do homework.


I love learning new technologies, along with the following tools. These bars represent my familiarity with each respective language. I am also experienced with linux, scrum, git, and bash scripting.


Accompanying tools:

  • Tensorflow
  • Pyquil
  • OpenCV
  • Pipenv
  • Pandas
  • Sqlite


Accompanying tools:

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Discord.js
  • Mongoose/Mongo


Accompanying tools:

  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • Spring Boot



Accompanying tools:

  • Bulma
  • Animate.css


Accompanying tools:

  • Ruby on Rails