I'm currently looking for internships or part time gigs, feel free to reach out viaemail orlinkedin if you have or know of any opportunities available!


Hi my name is Evan Nishi, a self taught programmer, community leader, and avid learner. I have demonstrated a strong work ethic, a passion for learning, high adaptability, a knack for problem solving, and accountability while on projects. I mainly do web development, but also some machine learning on the side. If you want to see some of my projects, feel free to look on myGithub.


Some of my most defining and impactful work is organizing events to educate others about computer science. I always organize events with the "Hackers First" mentality, meaning attendees experience is the most important. I also love meeting new people and sharpening my skills at hackathons and other similar events.

Events I've attended:

  • Hack Merced IV, attendee, won beginner prize
  • Los Altos Hacks, attendee, won best android app
  • LingHacks 2019, attendee
  • Launch Hacks 2019, attendee
  • Hack Club Flagship summit, attendee
  • Hack Club Leaders week summit, attendee
  • Github secure development spotlight, invitee
  • UC Berkeley aging research and technology summit, attendee
  • Hack Merced V, attendee, won best use of mongodb and 1st moonshot prize

Events I've organized/mentored:

  • CDBA Spring 2019, outreach organizer
  • AngelHacks, advisor/workshop leader
  • CDBA Fall 2019, sponsorships organizer
  • Atoms&Bits, advisor/workshop leader
  • Hack The New Year, mentor
  • CDBA Winter 2020, sponsorships organizer


  • Las Lomas High School
  • Student, 2018-2022
    Currently a student at Las Lomas High School, Current GPA:4.0, WGPA: 4.13

  • Diablo Valley College
  • Student, 2018-2022
    Currently enrolled in Diablo Valley College and working towards my AA degree in computer science. Current GPA: 4.0

  • Las Lomas Hack Club
  • Founder and President, 03/2019-present
    Organize, and founded a small Hack Club at my high school with ~5-10 regular members.

  • TrantonLLC
  • Contract backend web developer, 01/2020-02/2020
    Was a paid contract developer for TrantonLLC. Worked mainly with discord.js and express.

  • Monument Crisis
  • Math tutor, 09/2018-01/2020
    Was a math and english tutor who helped underprivileged kids study and do homework.


I love learning new technologies, along with the following tools. These bars represent my familiarity with each respective language. I am also experienced with linux, scrum, git, mongodb, and bash scripting.


Accompanying tools:

  • OpenCV
  • Pandas
  • Pipenv
  • Pyquil
  • Sqlite
  • Tensorflow


Accompanying tools:

  • Discord.js
  • Express
  • Mongoose/Mongo
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • React.js


Accompanying tools:

  • Gradle
  • Maven
  • Spring Boot




Accompanying tools:

  • Ruby on Rails